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    June 2024 / Curatorial Assistant / Project Manager / Trainee in the field of Contemporary (African) Art and Culture for art exhibitions or art and cultural projects

    While I am searching for a position as a Curatorial Assistant / Project Manager / Trainee in the field of Contemporary (African) Art and Culture at a museum or art and cultural institution, I curated from February to May 2024 with Büro Himmelgrün and my former colleagues at Iwalewahaus, University of Bayreuth the group exhibition 'Every Seed is a Longing' at the Ausstellungshalle im Neuen Rathaus Bayreuth, which was on view during May 2024. The non-profit association Gärten der Begegnung – Interkulturelle Gärten Bayreuth e.V. was our main project partner. I have been instrumental in writing the concept, planing and organizing the exhibition and executing the project management from February to June 2024.

    The exhibition 'Every Seed is a Longing' aimed to explore and foster the significance of plants along the interdisciplinary scope of Plant or Environmental Humanities. It served as a platform to explore the diverse ways in which people of our local communities and beyond engage with plants in the form of practice, thought, imagination and representation. Through art, collaboration and dialogue the exhibition showcased - and further seeks to inspire and empower individuals to re-imagine their relationship with nature and take meaningful action towards environmental stewardship.

    The group exhibition featured selected works from the following contemporary artists and activists: Emeka Alams, Yassine Balbzioui, Michael Bayer, Paúl Bedón, Christiane Fichtner, Goldendean, Stephan Klenner-Otto, Sabine Linn, Markus, Christian Proaño, Bernd Romankiewitz, Robinga Schnögelrögel, Marie Schönheiter, Horst Siegel, Terreiros, and Franziska Wagner.

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